Thursday, 17 November 2016 12:34

Supervised Industry Practice (SIP) for the Diploma in Hospitality Management programme

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Starting January 2017, the Supervised Industry Practice or SIP will be added as a compulsory module for students who enrol in our Diploma in Hospitality Management programme.

The SIP (also known as Internship) module is the latest module that is added to the Diploma programme. The module lasts for 6 months and students will be issued an SIP manual which they have to complete under the supervision of a Mentor/Supervisor in a hospitality or F&B establishment. At the end of the SIP, students will have to submit the SIP manual to the College for final grading. In order to be eligible for the Diploma award, a student will have to attain a pass for this module, as well as the other 7 modules offered in the programme.

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