OSAC International College list of awards and nominations.

Awards and Recognition

The Awards of Excellence 2016, widely regarded as one of the most respected accolades in Singapore and around the region, kicks off the highly anticipated World Gourmet Summit 2016’s 20th anniversary celebration with the awards presentation ceremony on 5 April 2016. This prestigious event honours 32 outstanding individuals and companies, both established and emerging industry stars, for their unrelenting efforts, creativity and passion in their craft that continue to shape the F&B and service landscape and make Singapore a world-class gourmet and tourism destination.

Having benchmarked itself as a hub for culinary excellence, Singapore has attracted and retained many repeat visitors and even well-known F&B industry stakeholders into the country, bringing in not only tourism dollars but recognition within the region and even on a global level. In addition, and as a result of the long-standing collaboration between the World Gourmet Summit and Singapore Tourism Board, the Overseas Development Program continues to facilitate overseas work-exchange to some of the top dining establishments, wineries and distilleries around the world. This has been crucial to the significant growth of the Singapore gastronomic scene, which now offers an extensive range of international cuisines.

OSAC Marrone Culinary Institution of the Year 2016


A Positive voting response has placed OSAC International College as one of the 2016 Finalist for Marrone Culinary Institution of the Year by World Gourmet Summit: Award of Excellence 2016.