learn to speak and write english

The Certificate in English Language Proficiency (CELP) programme is designed to build our learners' competencies in the English Language.

The programme offers you the opportunity to receive language instruction in a small group setting led by our outstanding English Faculty, so that you can receive assistance to master the language as you prepare for further studies at OSAC International College or work in Singapore.

Learn more about each of the levels offered in the CELP programme by clicking on the links below. You will also find out how we have partnered with British Council to teach and assess our students more effectively in this programme.

  Elementary Level

At Elementary level, our programme is designed at elementary level to help you learn the basics of the English language and help build your foundation for the next level. At the end of the programme, you should be able to produce simple text and converse in simple sentences on topics of personal/daily interest. Click here for more details.

  Intermediate Level

At Intermediate level, the modules that we cover will prepare you with a greater understanding of complex and abstract topics that we may encounter in our daily conversations using the English language. With the training that you receive at the Intermediate level, you can look forward to interacting with your peers with greater fluency and spontaneity, not only to share your views but also to explain issues of interest with accuracy and detail. Click here for more details.

  Advanced Level

The Advanced level CELP programme prepares learners for a more intensive learning of the English Language. The programme will use a wide range of texts and activities to help you to express yourself with greater fluency and write with confidence, producing well structured and detailed text on complex subjects. Click here for more details.